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This page is about the paranormal lightphenomena some people can see with the ability of paranormal seeing (clairvoyance).  Besides the lightphenomena mentioned above, there are also lightphenomena that are seen only once so far known, see below:

·    Thin green thread in the sky
·    Festoons of light
·    Dark triangle in the sky
·    Dark strips in the sky
·    Fireworm near for example a candle
·    Cloud with little black points
·    A dark-coloured mm-light, black or very dark red, high in the air, moved a little sideward
Mmlichtje -> the mm-light
·    A wave that had a light-blue colour, the colour of a blue flame
Golfje -> this wave had this shape and was blue
·    An orange thread in the sky that was approximately half a metre wide
Sliert1 -> in the colour orange
·    A black/dark twist visible in the air

But their are also many other lightphenomena in the air. A part is caused by ufos (spaceships). These can be seen by a paranormal person who has the ability to, they do not show themselves in earthly shapes. So they also occur as only an energy in the sky, that some people can perceive.

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Ghosts/spirits (also angels)

We people do see spirits more times than we want to admit. Some people  say it is nonsense or think it is someone's imagination. Because of our current society these phenomena are denied, and this explanation of non-existence is more decisive than our own experience, while in reality our own experience is more important than other people's experiences or ideas.
Here a simple example. A married couple agreed on that if one of them would die, he or she would show himself or herself to the other. After some time, the man died, and the widow remains behind. A couple of days after his dead, she wakes up in the middle of the night and sits straight up in her bed. On the corner of her bed sits her husband, smiling. She rubs her eyes, and he is gone. The woman gets thinking and finally she concludes that this wasn't real, and she ignored the happing as if it was her imagination. Probably she denied it from a feeling that such thing can't exist in a society in what she is living. But this isn't true, it exists!

Characteristics of spirits/ghosts
Mostly light of colour and vague, but also possible very detailed and in colour
The shape of a spirit or ghost is a figure or a part of it

Description of spirits/ghosts
Spirits can be seen from vague to very detailed. It is also possible only to see a part of a spirit, for example the head with shoulders. The vague spirits are light of colour (whitey), like the whitey aura. These can be seen very well on white or light-coloured walls. They can be seen even in the dark. On some evenings and some nights their energy is different, and are much more visible. There are several names for spirits: ghosts, souls, any more?

There are three types of spirits.
1) There are spirits who didn't go to the afterlife after their dead, they remain on earth. (Only in this case it is useful to send the spirit to the light. These spirits are also called ghosts or earth-bound spirits.
2) There are spirits who come back to earth from the afterlife to watch and help the people. This happens many times, but mostly no-one notices. There are at each moment many many spirits present on our planet. Sometimes they show themselves. And sometimes they also do have a message.
3) There are spirits who guide people, which are called guides. Everyone has two guides with him. The first one is mostly a dead relative from this life. The other is mostly a good friend which you know from several past lifes. Guides help people with for example giving inspiration and prompting. Mostly you do not have the same guides your whole life. During your life you change how you are and you change your thoughts about things. With such changes and on other moments, a guide can change places with another spirit, who can guide you better.

Also the poltergeist-phenomenon exist. Many sounds of knocking that can't be explained, furniture that moves themselves, things that fall down, things that move themselves, and so on, are possibilities of the poltergeist-phenomenon.

Other appearances are for example angels. These are heavenly creatures which can be asked for help, and can help in case of distress. They are also for example present with birth (incarnation of a soul), and with death. Besides, everyone also has guardian angel present, who can help you when you are in danger.
They come to us and help us mostly in emergency-situations, and save the lives of people. They are there when they are needed. And gives us a helping hand, and vanish into thin air. They can transform themselves as a present person, and later disappear into thin air and they also came out of nothing. Also help form unseen, but been felt, can be given. Angels are considered by many people als something Christian, but that isn't the case. Angels are there for everyone. The Christian church included them in their religion.

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Other names for lightorbs
Dandelion-fluffs looking balls
Orbs (of light)
Balls of light

Characteristics of lightorbs
They are transparent
They can be seen in groups or alone
They can be followed with the eye if you are used to watch them
You see them as a flash in the sky if you begin to see them
They are usually round of shape
They can have different colours, but mostly they have a whitey colour
They can be seen with daylight and in the dark
They can be visible in front of objects
Your eyes  mostly are distracted when an orb is approaching an object
The wind doesn't influence them
They often move downward

Description of lightorbs
The orbs are transparent, but what is behind is vague, but still visible. Sometimes the orbs itself are very vague, but mostly they are round. These orbs exist in different colours, all the colours of the rainbow. Even black, orange and the 'normal' white or grey. They can have different shapes and do not need to be round. The different colours can have a different meaning. They move mostly downward to the ground or go to the ground with a curve. They move alone or in groups. Sometimes an orbs goes up and disappears in the sky. If you are used to watch orbs you can follow them from high in the sky to low near the ground. If you just started to see them you see them as a flash in the sky, mostly just before your eyes are drawn to something else. If an orb is approaching an object, like a tree, you get distracted by the object or perhaps you can focus yourself so well that the orb can be followed between the branches of the tree. It is also possible you start to see orbs before things like buildings or other people's faces.

Explanation for orbs:

Orbs are round lightphenomena and can be seen by paranormal people with the naked eye.

Also many people get round lightphenomena on photos. A part of it can be explained as dust particles, drops of water (rain/spatters), snow, smoke, insects and many other possibilities. Because these orbs are such round of shape, these options are forgotten when people try to explain the round shapes on the pictures. They often directly think of something paranormal, which isn't always the case. Someone who is paranormal and sees orbs with his naked eye, sees no dust particles, drops of water, snow, smoke, and so on, but sees genuine orbs!
For people who make photos it is difficult to see the differences. Orbs on photos can have a material and a paranormal explanation. Orbs can be found on both analogue photocameras (with film) as with photos which are taken with a digital photocamera. Something that is remarkable, is that photos which are taken with a digital camera, have more orbs on them. This can be explained by the higher sensitivity for energies, which (mostly) can't be seen with the naked eye, of digital cameras.

Orbs give off a weak light which is outside the spectrum of purple-blue-green-yellow-orange-red. A paranormal person who can see orbs, is able to see this weak light. Digital cameras aren't that exact to capture only the for humans visible light.
Also photos which are taken with flashlight, do have more orbs on them. This is on the one hand because the flash lights up dust particles, smoke particles, and so on, and on the other hand it lights up orbs which are present.
Also photos which are taken on powerplaces and leycentres do have more orbs, which is because of the energy that is present.

With a visit with several people to a location, where several burial mounds have been, several photos were taken with a digital camera with display on which the photos were shown. When the flashlight was used, some of the people present saw lighten up balls which had a diameter of approximately 30/40 centimetres. On the photo these balls of light were present on the exact position of where they have been seen. Unless dust particles exist with the size of 30 centimetres in diameter, these were genuine orbs. About ten photos were taken, when people saw the orbs lighten up and the balls of light were present on the photos.

Orbs do not have to be perfectly round, they also can have several shapes. They exist both with daylight as in the dark. Wind doesn't influence the balls.

Besides orbs, also some kind of fog or most can be seen on photos, while there wasn't any fog, nobody was smoking, holding one's breath, and all other material explanations were considered to be impossible.

Explanation for orbs which can't be explained material:

Orbs are energies which take a round shape. What the energies are can be different for each orb.
Many orbs are simply energies which are present there. Photos, taken in violent situations (crisis) or in situations were violent of strong emotions are present, often show orbs. Orbs are also used to transport energy from the cosmos to earth and vice versa. Besides these orbs with energies can have many other reasons for being present. The spherical shape is an universal shape, which can be used for various energies.

Also spirits and ghosts which haven't taken the shape of an appearance, often show themselves with the shape of an orb. That is easier for them, and cost them less effort than taking the shape of a person.

Also with the creating of cropcircles orbs are seen. Here they function as the brush of a painter or the hammer of the carpenter. They appear to be instruments to create the cropcircle from a distance. But these orbs do have a different structure and texture than other orbs.

Besides these other explanations exist, but till now we didn't get a clue for that.

No explanation!
Orbs are also compared with ball lightning (balls of fire). These would exist with thunderstorms, discharges of lightning. Everyone can see these balls of fire, and everyone would burn themselves if they touch it. This isn't paranormal, but a physical phenomenon. Balls of fire can travel many kilometres above the landscape. Orbs are totally different than ball lightning, and they onliest similarities they have is the radiation of light in a round shape.

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Characteristics of points of light
They rapidly jump away when looking at them
Shortly after they jumped away they cannot be followed anymore
They have the size of a star, a spot of light
They move criss-cross through each other, like mosquitoes in summer
There is some space between the points of light

Description of points of light
The points of light have the size of stars, but are more fierce than a star. They are fierce and come jumping forward. These points of light move almost continuously, they shoot in every direction, but keep some distance from each other. They seem to stand still for a short moment of time when your eye falls on them, and shoot then in every direction. Swarming. they shoot criss-cross with many at the same time. Shortly after they shoot away they can't be followed with the eye anymore. They are a little bit to quick to examine well with the eye. They can be compared with sparklers and fireflies that fly through each other criss-cross and very fast. Other names for these points of light are fireflies, rainbowsparkles, twists of light or filaments of light.

Explanation: unknown

Below here is an image of these points of light, only the movement they make haven't been expressed, while they are an important part of the twists of light. Below this image and emailmessage we received from someone, is another image of the points of light.


(Below another image!)

From: Rob v Z (several messages combined)
Subject: twists of light
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:46
Attachment: Mvc-001f.jpg

Dear friends,
About those twists of light: Last Saturday it was very nice weather and I have been sitting on the balcony for half an hour to watch the "twists of light" (with the sun and blue sky you see them very well)

I found out that the twists of light move away when they get at the aurafield of my finger, like they go out of the way for your finger. This was hard to see, because you are used to see 2-D, in what depth disappears.

Later I tried a magnet and the twists of light responded the same as with my finger, they move away when they get close to the edge of the field.

They do not seem to respond on thoughts.

About these twists of light, they make indeed very short rapid twisting movements, it isn't any projection of my eyes, because I see depth. They "blow out" within a second. So it aren't orbs of light.

Marks of the webmaster: This picture below shows the movement of the points of light. Realize that the points of light have the size of stars, and have not the shape as shown below.


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Characteristics of flashes of light
The flashes look like the flashes of a photocamera
The flashes can be very small to large flashes like lightning
They have the colour of blue-grey and sometimes white

Description of flashes of light
These flashes look like when a photo is taken. It looks like someone is taken a photo with flash from you with a miniature-flash. the phenomenon is blue-grey, sometimes white, but in miniature. The flashes of light are almost always seen with the eye in the corner of the rage of vision. Sometimes flashes are seen outside in the evening which look like lightning, for example two blue-grey flashes of light in the evening sky.

Explanation: Spirits make with flashes of light known that they are present in the room/area. Larger flashes of light (other than lightning) are caused by energy-splurges that come from the cosmos to Earth. These energyconcentrations burst out and give Earth energy, this gives the flash of light. The spectator of these flashes is a observer of a beautiful phenomenon.

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Characteristics of columns of light
From the ~ground to high in the air
It is a straight vertical column with a width
It is light of colour and transparent like a whitey aura
The column stand still

Description of columns of light
How many times these columns occur isn't know, but they must be there for some reason. They are good visible with sunlight. This phenomenon can be described as a column of light from the ground straight up in the air. The column mostly is seen from a long distance. It was visible very well, and wasn't a mirage. The column is not or worse visible by looking directly on it, but it was very well visible by looking on something else what was next to it. For example with looking to an orb that moves next to it. This column wasn't moving and was present on a fixed spot. The colour of the phenomenon was light grey and hazy.

Explanation: unknown

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Characteristics of cropcircle lines
They look like chains in the air
Those chains aren't straight lines, more like a snake
They move several times to a specific place
They slowly move something lower
They move until they disappear behind objects
Sometimes they cannot and sometimes they can be seen very well, depending on the speed of their movement
The colour is some kind of silver-grey

Description of cropcircle lines
Besides lightorbs and points of light also strange lines move in the air. These lines aren't straight. The shape cannot or can hardly be described. These lines, what we call cropcirclelines due our experiences with them in cropcircles that weren't made by humans, move very fast so they are hardly to examine. Suddenly they appear in the air and move very fast in a direction. They start on a certain height (not too high) and slowly move themselves downward and fast sideward, until they disappear behind an object like a tree or house. They will go further until they reach the ground. This happens not just once or twice, but dozen of times. Every time  they start on the same place in the air, and move each time in the same direction. With the same speed and height the end on the same place. These cropcirclelines are easy visible as lightorbs, only these cropcirclelines do not occur as much as lightorbs.

Explanation: These cropcirclelines would indicate the location were a cropcircle will come, is present now, or where one had been in the past.

Gclijntje1 Gclijntje2
Next are two images of the cropcirclelines to give you an idea how they look like, when they are seen in the sky. It is difficult to draw. In this case these lines have moved to the right in the sky. The colour wasn't black, but light-grey or more whitey like a lightorb.

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X-shaped lights

Don't mistake these with reflections of windows in sunlight.


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Characteristics of high-voltage smog
Near high-voltage masts (and maybe somewhere else too)
Long strings are coming from the wires hanging between the masts
The strings are dark of colour
They keep hanging in the air for at least a couple of minutes
They seemed to move in the wind

Description of high-voltage smog
High-voltage smog can be seen with masts with wires hanging in between. At first it looks like it is on the wires, a very thick gunge/sludge, but it is also possible it hangs on the wires and is gliding on the wind. They seem to move in the wind, but that isn't true. The gunge has a dark colour. The gunge looks like liquid pitch. The gunge is caused by the negative radiation that comes from the wires. These radiation is also called DOR. It does worsening  the health of people. The advise is not to live or stay under or near these masts. Perhaps GSM-masts and other systems do also cause such smog because of the harmful radiation that comes from these equipment.

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Energylines & energyforms

The research and the interest to leylines and other energies started in England. Alfred Watkins saw in a vision lines run across the landscape and called them ley lines. Here the research to leylines started, and after his discovery many other energylines were found by other people, like Mr. Hartmann and Mr. Curry.
See also: www.leylijnen.com for leylines and other energylines and energyforms.

Except the shape of a line, energy can manifest to in forms, energyforms, for example spirals and magic circles.

Characteristics of energylines
They look like long lines (seen two-dimensional)
It is possible to see the direction which the energy is flowing
The lines are some lighter than the environment, they look like haze
The lines can be seen in length and width, and also in height

Description of energylines
These energylines are paths of energy that run across the landscape. It are long straight lines, that do not seem to stop. Several kinds of energylines exist, and each kind has its own specific energy. Feeling energylines happens much more than seeing them. By concentrating on the kind of energyline you want to see that kind of energyline will be visible. If you stand on an energyline, it is much easier to see the energyline running. Perhaps it is also possible to see the flow of the energyline(s). Each energyline streams in a direction. This can be felt too, when you stand on an energyline and let yourself go with the energy of the line.

Characteristics of energyforms
Energyforms can have the shape of a spiral, circle, triangle, square or other more-angled shape
They can be seen flat, but also threedimensional

Description of energyforms
There are several types of energyforms, those are explained on the earlier mentioned website. These spirals and magic circles and other forms can have different sizes. Spirals can be felt the best, when you stand on them you feel a turning of the energy and you move with it of you let yourself go freely.
These energyforms are mostly seen as a flat shape. Like the energylines, they are lighter than the environment. The shapes can be seen in threedimensional too. then they have a shape of (half) a ball or look like the image below of a spiral.


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Characteristics of fog
It is transparent
It is everywhere, no single spot left out
It are many many little points very close to each other without any space between them
It is between your eyes and an object or the background

Description of fog
The fog as we named it is a haze/mist before everything. It is everywhere, no single object or anything left out. The fog is there between our eyes and the background. It is like there is a thin layer of plastic (plastic sheet or something) between. The layer exists out of, when you look at it, billions of little points, that are close to each other. They seem to swarm. But just looking at it, it seems one unity, a jelly-like substance. The fog is clearly in front of the background. in the dark it can be seen better than with daylight.

This description looks a little bit like points of light, the big difference is that there is space between the points of light, but there is not space between the points of the fog.

Explanation: The fog is a layer of billions of energy'particles', a field of energy. Everything exists out of energy. The fog is the energy that is everywhere around us.

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Seeing the force of shapes

Every shape has some energy in it. When the shape is made according holy geometry or in which it has been applied, do have an extra energy that is attracted or created by applied holy geometry in the shape. Such extra power of the shape can be found sometimes in cropcircles and buildings. It does look like the shape as some extra energy in it.

Explanation: Every shape has energy and sometimes shapes have an extra energy present. Energy can be perceived/seen by people who have the ability to.